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  • I’m starting a little bi-monthly newsletter with what I’m working on, music I’m listening to, and interesting things I find around the web. I’m sending out the first issue this upcoming Friday. It’s sure to brighten your day. 😎 You should like… totally subscribe 🥺😘

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    I haven’t been feeling super confident recently. But then I have moments where I see and know how beautiful and lovable I am, just for being me. Happy Sunday.

  • I’m currently sipping my coffee next to the open window in the living room. It’s a crisp morning and it’s been raining for hours. Jazz is playing in the background as if to score this moment to perfection. I’ve been feeling sad recently. But right now I’m happy. And everything is going to be ok.

  • I have this idea of premium t-shirts, hats, and hoodies for geeky and queer stoners. Is that even a niche? 🤣

  • What is it when all you have is nostalgia? When all there is left are moments and memories from years long past? What does the love mean, when it’s for someone who no longer exists?  It’s nothing. For all that was feared to lose, is already lost.

  • This is the first weekend in a long time that I’ve actually enjoyed. I went to my Zoom support group, made time to go shoot some hoops at the park, and I even made it to the beach today. Hopefully I won’t jinx it, but the fog feels like it’s lifting.

  • Continuing the theme from the other day, I definitely agree with Jeremy Keith here: I know there’s lots of advice out there about considering your audience when you write, but when it comes to my personal site, I’d find that crippling. It would be one more admonishment from the inner critic whispering “no one’s interested…

  • It’s Ok to Be Wrong

    As I learn new information, I give myself the freedom to change my opinion

  • I miss existing without the constant worry that I might die.

  • I love the sentiment of this tweet: [tweet has since been removed] I’ve struggled my whole life with this. Molding myself into whatever I thought other people would like. Trying to fit in where I didn’t, and thinking I was somehow doing something wrong or the things I liked weren’t “cool”. Learning to be authentic…

  • Let this song be the anthem of the 20’s once this god damn pandemic is over.

  • Finding My Self

    2019 and 2020 have been some of the most influential years in my life. I left the religious cult I grew up in, had some pretty life-changing breakthroughs in therapy, and I’m slowly finding a political voice I wasn’t allowed to have previously. It’s a strange thing to have one’s whole belief system and sense…

  • I’m in a sexy french depression.

  • This year has been a shit show to say the least. I’m glad it’s com­ing to an end, but the crises we face un­for­tu­nately won’t sud­denly van­ish with a new year. Still, it’s more im­por­tant than ever to take a sec­ond and be thank­ful for the things we can be thank­ful for, and cel­e­brate hap­pi­ness…