Hi love­ly peo­ple! I’ve decid­ed to rename myself Xavi (ZA-Vee). I nev­er loved my for­mer name and I think this one will fit much bet­ter. Xavi means new house” and bright” which I think is rather fit­ting giv­en my new life and personality.

Got my hair done yes­ter­day for the first time in a while. It feels so good to have the pink back, def­i­nite­ly feel­ing more myself.

Had a bit of an acci­den­tal mus­tache sit­u­a­tion hap­pen to me over the week­end. I bought a new trim­mer that I found rec­om­mend­ed on Wire­cut­ter. I was try­ing one of the trim­mer attach­ments and it turned out to be very short. But by this time Id already buzzed a huge chunk of my chin 😂 Any­way, decid­ed to keep the mus­tache… for now 🥸

How the white man still lets me orgasm for free is a mys­tery honestly.

I had an epiphany yes­ter­day of how much my aban­don­ment trau­ma is play­ing a big part in my life. In fair­ness, what an incred­i­ble loss to lose your entire social cir­cle and fam­i­ly. No one should have to go through that. But it’s also fas­ci­nat­ing how the fear of more loss can cause me to sab­o­tage per­fect­ly good things.

Prac­tic­ing polyamory from an anti-colo­nial per­spec­tive is so excit­ing to me. The white man says love and rela­tion­ships work in a very par­tic­u­lar way that serves cap­i­tal­ism. Fuck that.

My first ever Pride! Such a fun week­end being sur­round­ed by Queer love and lis­ten­ing to great music 😍 I fuck­ing love being part of this com­mu­ni­ty 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈