Hello there! I’m Xavi. I work as a Senior Frontend Engineer at 10up from sunny Vista, CA. On my free time, I’m taking pictures, going to Disneyland, smoking weed and having deep conversations, watching movies, skinny dipping, among many other things 😉

In 2019, after discovering covered up abuse, I left the cult I was born into. Jehovah’s Witnesses are a topic of frequency to draw more attention to the heinous things the religion is responsible for.

In 2021, I came out as bisexual and polyamorous. I write about both of these topics in an effort to combat bi erasure and normalize consensual non-monogamy.

Work Stuff

In 2019, I raised over $10k on Kickstarter to create Bokeh. Bokeh was imagined as an Instagram al­ter­na­tive to share pho­tos with friends and fam­ily pri­vately.

Previously, I was the Senior Producer at Changelog, Senior UX Designer & Developer at Mealthy, Design Mentor at Bloc (now Thinkful), UX Developer at ACL Services (now Galvanize), and Owner of Anythin’ Goes. I’ve also worked with Relay FM, Carbon Ads, &Yet, Lullabot, Crush & Lovely, among others. Here’s my re­sume if you’re in­ter­ested.

Other Cool Stuff

I hosted The East Wing from 2012–2015. It was a pod­cast that in­ter­viewed peo­ple who build the web. The pod­cast was nom­i­nated for a Net Magazine award two years in a row.

I had a blog called Bright Pixels (formerly The Bold Report) that I wrote from 2013–2019. My writ­ing has also ap­peared on A List Apart, UX Booth, and Net Magazine. If you’d like me to write for your pub­li­ca­tion, my email address is listed below.


I love re­ceiv­ing email from real peo­ple, so fire away! If you’re interested in following me around the web, check my links page.