Con­tin­u­ing the theme from the oth­er day, I def­i­nite­ly agree with Jere­my Kei­th here:

I know there’s lots of advice out there about con­sid­er­ing your audi­ence when you write, but when it comes to my per­son­al site, I’d find that crip­pling. It would be one more admon­ish­ment from the inner crit­ic whis­per­ing no one’s inter­est­ed in that”, you have noth­ing new to add to this top­ic”, and you’re not quail­i­fied to write about this.” If I’m writ­ing for myself, then it’s eas­i­er to have few­er inhi­bi­tions. By treat­ing every­thing as a scrap­py note-to-self, I can avoid ago­nis­ing about qual­i­ty con­trol …although I still spend far too long try­ing to come up with titles for posts.

Maybe I’ll make an on this day” archive too 🤔