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    I’ve decided to follow a lifelong dream and release music as @violetpaniko. My sound will be a fusion of reggaetón, Latin trap, soul, and my many other musical influences. I’m working with @producedbyofxshxre to create my first songs few songs. They’re gonna be fire. If you’d like to support me and follow along on my…

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    Had such an amazing weekend trip with Sarah to Joshua Tree. I really enjoyed the desert vibe and the amazing view of the valley. We got to go to the cutest bookstore, small little attractions like this crochet museum, and we even got a cozy thunderstorm! I’m so grateful you’re in my life 😘😘

  • I’d love an option to remove sub-tasks from the Today view in @todoist. They end up cluttering my list almost 😬

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    It was so amazing seeing Caro! We met when I was 12! We’ve both since left the cult we grew up in and are living our best queer lives. I hadn’t seen her in a decade, but it was as if no time had passed 🥹🥰 I love youuu ❤️❤️

  • Wouldn’t it be awesome to pass an array of properties you want to transition? Something like this: Maybe someday.

  • Hi lovely people! I’ve decided to rename myself Xavi (ZA-Vee). I never loved my former name and I think this one will fit much better. Xavi means “new house” and “bright” which I think is rather fitting given my new life and personality.

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    Had such a fun time puffing 💨 and painting 🎨 with the squad 😍❤️

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    Fui a ver a San Benito y me la pase bien cabrón 🥰😍🐰🇵🇷

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    I can’t get over how absolutely adorable we look together. I’m so lucky to know you 😘

  • It is so Apple to call it the “dynamic island” 🤣

  • I spent a lot of this past weekend hyper-fixated on my new project: BD-27. BD-27 is my first Discord bot that I’m building with discord.js. If you’re curious, check out the repo!

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    My friend Kay did my makeup the other night and I absolutely loved it 😍 I’m so pretty 🥰

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    Got my hair done yesterday for the first time in a while. It feels so good to have the pink back, definitely feeling more myself.

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    Had a bit of an accidental mustache situation happen to me over the weekend. I bought a new trimmer that I found recommended on Wirecutter. I was trying one of the trimmer attachments and it turned out to be very short. But by this time Id already buzzed a huge chunk of my chin 😂…

  • I’ve begun the process of creating the next version of this site. If you’re nerdy and like to follow along with that kind of stuff, here’s the draft pull request.

  • When is @github going to let me pin Pull Requests to the top of the list?

  • Is it just me or does the trailer for the new Star Wars series Andor look fucking amazing?! The world-building this series appears to be attempting is what excites me so much about Star Wars as television, but something still sets this one apart. The trailer for Andor looks like an extension of the grit…

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    I’m in heaven 😍

  • How the white man still lets me orgasm for free is a mystery honestly.

  • The way former CIA and FBI officials blatantly admit to carrying out coups both here and in other countries is incredibly scary. And to see supposed “journalists” allow these statements without any kind of pushback or follow up questions proves the media is an arm of the empire.