I sent the following message to some of my mother’s family and select old friends:

Howdy y’all. Just wanted to let you know from the horse’s mouth that I’ve decided to [no] longer be a Jehovah’s Witness. I encourage you to do some objective research into your beliefs. I was certainly surprised by what I found. Sending love and hugs. If you ever need me, you know how to reach me. May the force be with you ❤️

It feels incredibly freeing to finally send this message. I haven’t had contact with much family in the past two-ish years. When I first debated leaving the cult, it was incredibly scary to think about how my family would react or how they’d treat me.

In case you didn’t know, leaving the Jehovah’s Witness organization means essentially saying goodbye to everyone you’ve ever known. Members are instructed to shun people who leave the religion, even family. It’s quite nuts. My research led me to conclude without hesitation that this religion is false and for some reason that means I don’t get to have a family anymore. The only reason I got to do this on my own timeline is because the pandemic turned out to be a fantastic cover to leave this cult under the radar. Which I guess is something to be grateful for?

But what used to be scary, I’ve now come to accept. I mean, my family has shunned me before, so what does it really matter if they do it again? Like, ultimately, people that actually care about you don’t emotionally blackmail you into being part of their religion 😘

So this feels like closure. I hope to have left things open for any of them to reach out if they ever wake up from their indoctrination. Till then, it feels good for people to know where I stand, and I think it’ll help me start writing the next chapter of my life.





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  1. pimoore Avatar

    @smithtimmytim Thank you for sharing this, and for taking a courageous step for yourself and what you feel is right. Sometimes the best and most important decisions one can make in their life are the most difficult. However, those same decisions are also the ones that come from having strength of character and determination.

  2. smithtimmytim Avatar

    @cygnoir thank you so much 🥺🥰

  3. smithtimmytim Avatar

    @hollyhoneychurch oh my goodness. Thank you so much for such a kind and thoughtful reply.

  4. cygnoir Avatar

    @smithtimmytim This is a huge, brave step, and I’m cheering you on! 🎉

  5. warner Avatar

    @smithtimmytim can’t really beat Holly’s energy, but props pal.
    You might be surprised to find some of them reconnecting with you in the next few years. You may also find yourself seeking some milder spiritual practice which fulfills some of the good bits they had.
    Good luck!

  6. hollyhoneychurch Avatar

    @smithtimmytim well done Timothy for speaking your truth and following it through. I think Covid gave many people the chance to get out of situations that weren’t serving them – the other (more positive) side of this pandemic. At first it can be a shock when your family shuns you (like you said, you’ve been there before) but what it shows is you’re being uniquely you. I’m an ‘all or nothing kinda gal’ so when i find people who love me for who I truly am, it just makes me shine even brighter. And the ones with the problem, they have a narrow view of the world and that’s ok too. Let them go, you’ve outgrown them in the shininess stakes 🤩 and can find your universal family, who adore you, in more adventurous places ❤️ Your letter was sweet, kind and strong. A good energy to leave them with. Have fun out there and keep laughing.

  7. patrickT Avatar

    @smithtimmytim very strong and very courageous when one steps out onto, and follows, their own path. 💛