Marvel better give us this polyamorous triad in the next X-Men movie.





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  1. josephaleo Avatar

    @smithtimmytim I also enjoy Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men. It’s more of a a review of what they think is seminal X-Men but because it’s X-Men it’s gets queer often.

  2. smithtimmytim Avatar

    @josephaleo ooo! I’m adding that to my list! Thank you!

  3. josephaleo Avatar

    @smithtimmytim the episodes are long, sometimes lasting three hours. But I listen to the show on double speed and it’s entertaining and illuminating to have X-Men seen through a queer lens. My favorite was the Magneto episode.

  4. smithtimmytim Avatar

    @josephaleo I haven’t! Do you recommend it?

  5. josephaleo Avatar

    @smithtimmytim have you listened to the Cerebro podcast?