I started my free trial of Apple Fitness+ tonight and decided to do one of the dance workouts. I had such a blast! The workout was fun, the instructor was great, and it all hooks up with my Apple Watch. I’m excited for these workouts to get me more active.






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  1. smithtimmytim Avatar

    @joelmearig Oh nice! I’m really impressed with it.

  2. joelmearig Avatar

    @smithtimmytim I have been using Fitness+ every day since it became available. I really like the service. I haven’t danced yet.

  3. smithtimmytim Avatar

    @matke agreed! I think it’s very well priced and makes a lot of sense with the bundle. The dance workout was hard! I think I need to start with something easier haha

  4. matke Avatar

    @smithtimmytim I’m loving the yoga workouts. Aimed at all levels, and the service seems very competitively priced. I couldn’t keep up with the dance workout I tried though!

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