Here is my new and updated home screen. I’ve been doing the one page thing, and it’s really worked out for me. I have all the things I use frequently here, and everything else I just search for or use the App Library.

My new updated home screen.





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  3. Tim Smith Avatar

    Will do! If you find something please let me know too. For now I’m just planning on staying with BBVA

  4. Mike Bifulco 😷 Avatar

    Same. If you find anything great, let me know. I’ve heard Ally mentioned a few times, but haven’t had time to dig in

  5. Tim Smith Avatar

    Thank you! It’s so tough! I also had lots of pages.

  6. Tim Smith Avatar

    Riiight? I’ll really miss goals. I’m not sure how I’ll organize my bills now.

  7. Joel 🐻 Bear Avatar

    I like what you got going on here. I tried something similar, but only managed to go down from like 8 screens to three lol. I’m feeling inspired by your minimalism…

  8. Mike Bifulco 😷 Avatar

    😭 Simple… that one still hurts.