I’m excited to see news about an open-world Star Wars game. I would love to see more games with a story like Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, but who are we kidding? When it comes to Star Wars, I stay hyped.





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  1. ohBananaJoe Avatar

    @smithtimmytim That’s a cool video, I just watched it. Thx for sharing! (And nice hair!!)

  2. smithtimmytim Avatar

    @ohBananaJoe Yes! I definitely recommend it. In fact, I did a review of it on YouTube.

  3. alans Avatar

    @ohBananaJoe I haven’t quite finished it, but yeah, it’s really fun.

  4. ohBananaJoe Avatar

    @smithtimmytim Fallen Order.. was it that good? I’m thinking about purchasing it. I loved the old Star Wars games like Jedi Knight 1 & 2.