Patriot Act 2, Censorship, And Other Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

To support the censorship of online speech is to support the authority of monopolistic tech oligarchs to exert more and more global control over human communication. Regardless of your attitude toward whoever happens to be getting deplatformed today, supporting this is self-destructive.

There are many gems in this newsletter, and I can’t agree more. We can agree Trump is horrible, but fascism won’t go away by ignoring it. As Caitlin later writes:

Trying to stop fascism by making it invisible is like trying to avert a charging bull by putting your hands over your eyes.

If you want to stop the rise of fascism you need to change. Change your sick society. Profoundly. Not just cover up the manifestations of that sickness.





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  1. fgtech Avatar

    @smithtimmytim Yes, those supremacist monsters are still out there, but they can do less damage if their rage remains bottled up where it cannot spread to others. Keep them isolated.

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    @smithtimmytim Like limiting the spread of a virus, limiting the spread of hateful or inciteful speech is a responsibility we all share.

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    @smithtimmytim This is the part I most firmly disagree with. It does change the sickness of our society to exercise judgment about what sort of speech is allowed to spread using these new platforms. Words matter.