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  • Time and time again, the best thing to do when I’m stuck on a coding problem is to stop and take a break.

  • Respect Frontend Dev

    Jens Oliver Meiert: In order to become a better frontend developer you don’t become a backend developer, you become a better designer and advocate for the user—in a sense of acquiring an understanding of design as well as empathy for users. When other developers look and talk down on frontend developers they don’t only show…

  • On Implementing Pull Request Feedback: A Short Story You should never be so antsy to get your pull request that you skip the all important task of testing any changes you make. Even if the change is tiny and seemingly inconsequential there is no excuse to not quickly test that everything works as expected. This…

  • I wish all the projects I worked on were on GitHub. It’s messing with my precious contribution graph.

  • I just typed pointer: cursor and wondered why it didn’t work. That Friday brain though.