On Imple­ment­ing Pull Request Feed­back: A Short Story

You should nev­er be so antsy to get your pull request that you skip the all impor­tant task of test­ing any changes you make. Even if the change is tiny and seem­ing­ly incon­se­quen­tial there is no excuse to not quick­ly test that every­thing works as expect­ed. This anx­ious­ness of get­ting your code into mas­ter is the sign of an imma­ture devel­op­er who would skip steps to make things go faster.

This will be a relat­able sto­ry for many devel­op­ers, but this part espe­cial­ly stood out to me. When mak­ing changes to a PR, I’m always wor­ried about the time (and bud­get) those changes are tak­ing up. But frankly, the work takes the time that it takes. Imple­ment­ing and test­ing those changes are an essen­tial part of that process, and skip­ping steps so as to not go over time on a task will only cre­ate more prob­lems later.