Religious mother demands daughter’s school drops ‘LGBT+ support day’ because it would ‘incite hostility’

She said her daughter was a sophomore at the school, and that she had been “delighted” so far with her education, but that she was “very concerned about the repercussions of choosing to focus next week’s daily dress-up days to feature such a highly emotionally charged issue as sexuality”.

She claimed to be “of the opinion that all people deserve respect and dignity and should be treated with kindness”, however then went on to tell the principal: “I cannot support my daughter being encouraged to celebrate a lifestyle (LGBTQ) that our family believes to be against our personal religious beliefs.

Speaking of taking no one’s bullshit, this is ridiculous. And as usual, this person later says that this would

“disqualify others who may not adopt that lifestyle but are being bullied for their conservative, Christian beliefs”.

No. Sorry. Getting called out for being homophobic is not “being bullied for your beliefs.” 40 percent of LGBTQ youth ‘seriously considered’ suicide last year. Studies like this prove that LGBTQ youth need more love, more kindness, and more support. Not further marginalization.