Reli­gious moth­er demands daughter’s school drops LGBT+ sup­port day’ because it would incite hostility’

She said her daugh­ter was a sopho­more at the school, and that she had been delight­ed” so far with her edu­ca­tion, but that she was very con­cerned about the reper­cus­sions of choos­ing to focus next week’s dai­ly dress-up days to fea­ture such a high­ly emo­tion­al­ly charged issue as sexuality”.

She claimed to be of the opin­ion that all peo­ple deserve respect and dig­ni­ty and should be treat­ed with kind­ness”, how­ev­er then went on to tell the prin­ci­pal: I can­not sup­port my daugh­ter being encour­aged to cel­e­brate a lifestyle (LGBTQ) that our fam­i­ly believes to be against our per­son­al reli­gious beliefs.

Speak­ing of tak­ing no one’s bull­shit, this is ridicu­lous. And as usu­al, this per­son lat­er says that this would

dis­qual­i­fy oth­ers who may not adopt that lifestyle but are being bul­lied for their con­ser­v­a­tive, Chris­t­ian beliefs”.

No. Sor­ry. Get­ting called out for being homo­pho­bic is not being bul­lied for your beliefs.” 40 per­cent of LGBTQ youth seri­ous­ly con­sid­ered’ sui­cide last year. Stud­ies like this prove that LGBTQ youth need more love, more kind­ness, and more sup­port. Not fur­ther marginalization.