A fantastic article from @SocialistMMA on why Medicare for All is the most pro-black policy platform:

Our black leaders selling us out is a tale as old as the slave trade. Barack Obama is a Wall St megastar and Jim Clyburn has been made untouchable by his big pharma money. The health insurance companies are rewarded greatly for their investment. The Affordable Care Act was a boon to health insurance companies. Now we have Joe Biden and Democrats walking back on healthcare promises in order to advance COBRA, which is another massive win for health insurance companies.

Big Pharma’s investment in Black leaders bought their opposition to Medicare for All. Jim Clyburn has been a vocal advocate against it. Barack Obama worked behind the scenes to stop it and continues to undermine it at every turn. The leader of the Democratic Party, President Joe Biden, said he would veto it if it somehow magically passed through the House and the Senate. 46% of Republicans support Medicare for All. Our Black Leaders and Democrats are to the RIGHT of almost half of Republicans voters on healthcare.

Nick rightly makes the argument that you can’t say Black Lives Matter while supporting a broken healthcare system that black people overwhelmingly feel the brunt of.

We need Medicare for All. Now.