Apple Might Be Making a Display Again

There have been lots of interesting rumors about Apple this week, but this one is the most exciting for me:

The cheaper monitor would feature a screen geared more for consumer than professional use and wouldn’t have the brightness and contrast ratio of the top-tier offering. Apple last launched a consumer-grade monitor called the Thunderbolt Display in 2011 for $999 but discontinued it in 2016.

I haven’t loved the monitor options after the discontinuation of the Thunderbolt Display. I loved that thing. It had some nice I/O, powered my laptop, featured a pretty nice panel with great colors, and the speakers weren’t bad either.

I’ve used the LG 5K UltraFine since. It’s not a terrible monitor. The brightness is pretty good, and most of the color is accurate (except when I’m having ghosting issues). But the speakers are terrible and the I/O is essentially non-existent.

Here’s to hoping this new display comes in at 32”, has an Apple-esque design with minimal bezels, a 4K webcam, and speakers I can actually use when I need a break from my headphones.





4 responses to “Apple Might Be Making a Display Again”

  1. Shaun Moynihan Avatar

    Yes to all of this.

  2. Jared White Avatar

    Nice to see you posting on your blog again! Cool to see stuff lighting up again in my RSS feed reader. ☺️

    1. Timothy Smith Avatar

      Thank you! I’m happy to be feeling in the writing mood again.

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