Apple Might Be Making a Display Again

There have been lots of inter­est­ing rumors about Apple this week, but this one is the most excit­ing for me:

The cheap­er mon­i­tor would fea­ture a screen geared more for con­sumer than pro­fes­sion­al use and wouldn’t have the bright­ness and con­trast ratio of the top-tier offer­ing. Apple last launched a con­sumer-grade mon­i­tor called the Thun­der­bolt Dis­play in 2011 for $999 but dis­con­tin­ued it in 2016.

I haven’t loved the mon­i­tor options after the dis­con­tin­u­a­tion of the Thun­der­bolt Dis­play. I loved that thing. It had some nice I/O, pow­ered my lap­top, fea­tured a pret­ty nice pan­el with great col­ors, and the speak­ers weren’t bad either.

I’ve used the LG 5K Ultra­Fine since. It’s not a ter­ri­ble mon­i­tor. The bright­ness is pret­ty good, and most of the col­or is accu­rate (except when I’m hav­ing ghost­ing issues). But the speak­ers are ter­ri­ble and the I/O is essen­tial­ly non-existent.

Here’s to hop­ing this new dis­play comes in at 32”, has an Apple-esque design with min­i­mal bezels, a 4K web­cam, and speak­ers I can actu­al­ly use when I need a break from my headphones.