The study, which was pub­lished in the jour­nal Preventive Medicine, con­cluded that men who scored at the high range were up to twice as likely to be at risk for sui­ci­dal or de­pres­sive ten­den­cies, and up to 5 times more likely to en­gage in sex­ual ha­rass­ment, cy­ber­has­s­ment, and phys­i­cal or ver­bal bul­ly­ing.

This ar­ti­cle from them makes it clear men need to ur­gently un­learn toxic mas­culin­ity. Personally, I’ve de­cided to de­tach who I am from my gen­der. I don’t care about be­ing “a good man.” I want to be a good hu­man, and that means a com­mit­ment to self-im­prove­ment, growth, kind­ness, and above all, in­fi­nite and un­con­di­tional love.