Are Titles Hur­dles? by Mark McElroy

I saw some­thing the oth­er day about titles being hur­dles to easy blog­ging. The the­o­ry goes that stop­ping to con­sid­er a title is fric­tion; elim­i­nat­ing titles all togeth­er reduces fric­tion.

Maybe the hur­dle isn’t the title, but the way some­one approach­es cre­at­ing it.

Any­thing can stop you from blogging—or what­ev­er it is you’re try­ing to do. We’re good at com­ing up with excus­es for why we don’t do some­thing, when there are either more impor­tant things in our life, or we just don’t want to.

Are titles a hur­dle? Sure. But, moti­va­tion deter­mines how big of a hur­dle it is.