Jim Dal­rym­ple on The Loop:

Last week a video appeared on the Web from David Lee show­ing how the new Mac­Book Pro would throt­tle down speeds when it got hot under proces­sor loads. Apple told me that the issue Lee was expe­ri­enc­ing has been iden­ti­fied and is being fixed today.

I saw lots of talk around this issue last week, and it bummed me out. I’m glad it was fixed so soon, because these are exact­ly the type of prob­lems pro­fes­sion­als don’t want to deal with. My friend @tjdraperpro says every Apple lap­top he’s ever had, has had ther­mal issues. While I don’t share the same expe­ri­ence, I do often wor­ry what the cost of an increas­ing­ly small­er body for pro­fes­sion­al machines will be.