2015: Year in Review

The year came and went, and as usual, here’s my annual year in review

This was by far the best year in a long time. Kel­ly and I were mar­ried on May 9. It was the best day of my life.

We were sur­round­ed by all of our friends and fam­i­ly who smoth­ered us in so much love and hap­pi­ness. If I could, I would live that day over and over. It sounds so sap­py, but I just can’t help it.

Working Full-time Again

With my group at the team building excursion
ACL took us on a team excur­sion in May. Our team name was: The Totems

Hav­ing a reg­u­lar” day job has its pros and cons. After run­ning my own busi­ness for so long, hav­ing a more rigid sched­ule where I work 5 days a week has been dif­fi­cult to get used to.

But, there’s some­thing to be said about hav­ing a reg­u­lar pay­check, paid vaca­tion, and oth­er ben­e­fits. Most impor­tant­ly, I real­ly want­ed to work on a team, and I’m so for­tu­nate to have land­ed on a team of incred­i­bly smart, tal­ent­ed, and hum­ble people.

Stepping Down From Goodstuff

As you may recall, Good­stuff was a pod­cast net­work I start­ed with Adam Clark and Chris Enns in 2014. Run­ning it was so much fun, but with me get­ting mar­ried, I couldn’t make it a priority.

Soon after, I start­ed a pod­cast again, which has two real­ly great episodes pub­lished. For The Record is the best show I’ve ever done. I have about 6 inter­views record­ed that I’ll be work­ing on in the next few months. I hope to bring the show back in the spring.

Pod­casts have tak­en on a whole new life for me this year. Sure, they’ve been around for a while, but my good­ness! The lev­el of qual­i­ty has gone up like crazy, and I’ve dis­cov­ered some amaz­ing shows this year. Maybe I’ll post a list of my favorites at a lat­er date.

Summer Trip to Europe

Kel­ly and I went to Europe for the first time this sum­mer. It was the first time both as a cou­ple and indi­vid­u­al­ly. Europe was won­der­ful. Vis­it­ing places you’ve only ever seen in pic­tures is quite the experience.

The Europe group on the tour bus

We saw the Eif­fel Tow­er at night with all the lights on, walked many unknown streets, took the sub­way, had espres­so and pas­tries in a French cafe, missed our train, felt frus­trat­ed because we couldn’t speak French, ate amaz­ing food, made great new friends, and saw peo­ple nude on the beach like it was no big deal. I hope we get the chance to go back.

The last high­light of the year? Star Wars: The Force Awak­ens. I’ve watched it in the­aters four times. Each time bet­ter than the last.

What’s in Store for 2016

My co-work­er Phil told me that his fam­i­ly agrees on a mot­to for the year. I loved the idea so much, that I’m steal­ing it. As always, I’ve got some goals for this year, but I also want to share the mot­to Kel­ly and I plan to live by.

Mot­to: Live Healthy.

  1. Build a Piece of Fur­ni­ture
    I’m keep­ing this one from last year. I real­ly want to dab­ble in some car­pen­try this year. It’ll get me away from my com­put­er, and the chance to spend some qual­i­ty time with my Dad.
  2. Lose Weight
    Not much I can say here that I haven’t said. Part of liv­ing a health­i­er life.
  3. Trav­el
    Tak­ing breaks is part of being and stay­ing healthy. I have paid vaca­tion now, why the hell not use it?

It’s going to be a great year.