Jim Dalrymple on Family and Losing Weight

For the first episode of For The Record, I decided to talk with Jim Dalrymple. Jim is one of those people who’s so easy to have a great conversation with.

This summer, he revealed to the world he’d been trying to loose weight, and there’s no debate about it, he looks great. At the time of recording, he’d lost 47 lbs, and was wearing size 34 pants. The amazing thing to me, is that Jim has made small, but sustainable changes: talk a walk, eat a salad, watch what you eat.

Jim also opened up about the beginnings of his relationship with Apple, writing his true opinion no matter what, and the importance of spending time with family.

If you haven’t listened to For The Record, give it a shot. I think there will be conversations where you’ll learn something new about someone, and find relatable stories.