Working Remotely Can Be the Dream

Mark Nichols:

During the hardest times, working remotely can feel like a punishment. For what, though? Your defection from the norm? Your overconfidence, maybe — your inability to do something that seems so easy? You suddenly have all these questions and insecurities keeping you up at night. What’s happening?

Mark’s experience has not been mine in the slightest. I’ve had the fortune of working with companies that really understand remote working. Without that, you’re left with the insecurities Mark has experienced: feeling out of the loop and alone.

I used to think that a company had to be completely remote for it to work. However, I currently work somewhere where only some of us are remote, and it’s been great. But it’s because online communication and collaboration has been engrained in the company culture even when you’re working at the office.

My recommendation is this: if you’re feeling out of the loop and alone, you should address those concerns with your supervisor. If things don’t get better, you might need to find a company who wants to put the effort into remote working.