The New Web Ahead Website

Have you lis­tened to The Web Ahead? If you work on the web, and you haven’t, you’re mon­u­men­tal­ly miss­ing out. The Web Ahead is a great show where Jen Sim­mons talks to some of the smartest peo­ple in our indus­try, and sparks con­ver­sa­tions about web tech­nolo­gies like no one else can.

The new web­site for the show is absolute­ly beau­ti­ful. She’s done such an amaz­ing job. Design­ing web­sites for pod­casts has become a bit stag­nant, with most1 resort­ing to a cook­ie-cut­ter episode title, descrip­tion, audio play­er, and show notes. Jen breaks the mold with a beau­ti­ful audio play­er, a more in-depth descrip­tion of top­ics, and a tran­script that actu­al­ly looks good.

Take a look at the web­site, lis­ten to the show, and sub­scribe. You’ll do your ears a favor.

  1. Includ­ing me, unfor­tu­nate­ly. I’m work­ing on this though. I’ll have some­thing new to show you very soon.