People Still Read Blogs

Justin Jack­son:

Yes, Google’s changes over the past 2 years have affect­ed how peo­ple dis­cov­er con­tent. But I don’t think peo­ple have moved on to dick­ing around in apps and snack­ing on bite-sized social content.”

Peo­ple are still reading. 

Justin’s response to Mar­co’s post is great and I agree with him. The way peo­ple are find­ing con­tent may be dif­fer­ent, but I think qual­i­ty writ­ing is still very much appreciated.

The end of Mar­co’s post, leaves a ques­tion in my mind that if answered, would’ve made the arti­cle a lot better.

If we want it to get bet­ter, we need to start push­ing back against the trend, mod­ern­iz­ing blogs, and build­ing what we want to come next. 

How do we push back on this so-called trend? And what’s involved in mod­ern­iz­ing blogs”?

Justin is on the right track when talk­ing about email. In my opin­ion, the times of hav­ing mil­lions of peo­ple engaged with your con­tent is over. For the mod­ern blog to be suc­cess­ful, nur­tur­ing your core audi­ence and find­ing new ways for them to receive your con­tent, are crucial.

The pageviews may be shrink­ing, but the oppor­tu­ni­ty for great con­tent cre­ators is far from over.