A Look Back on Our First Month

A month ago today, I launched The Bold Report. I’m so glad I did it, and we’ve had some pret­ty great growth in our first month!

First of all, if you’re read­ing this, I want to say thank you. This site is some­thing I’ve been want­i­ng to do for a long time. I love writ­ing about my inter­ests, and I love the fact that there are peo­ple like you, who have sim­i­lar passions.

Now for Some Stats

The site has been viewed 5,013 times, and peo­ple stay an aver­age of two min­utes. The site had 3,006 vis­i­tors, 1,313 of which were return­ing. 1,902 vis­i­tors are from the Unit­ed States, the Unit­ed King­dom came in sec­ond place with 399.

Not sur­pris­ing­ly, the two most com­mon mobile devices the site is viewed on, are iOS devices. Com­ing in first place: iPhone with six­ty-two percent.

Chrome was the pop­u­lar brows­er, respon­si­ble for fifty-six per­cent of traf­fic. Nine peo­ple vis­it­ed from Inter­net Explor­er.1 Most vis­i­tors are using a Mac, but twelve per­cent is on Win­dows.2

The num­ber one source of refer­rals was Twit­ter with 1,560, my per­son­al site in third place, and Sidebar.io com­ing in fourth. The main RSS feed cur­rent­ly has twelve sub­scribers, and the Twit­ter account has six­ty-six followers.

Top Five Posts

In the first month, these were the top posts:

  1. Free­lanc­ing and Say­ing No”
  2. Doc­u­ment Everything
  3. Review: 1Password 4 for Mac
  4. Dear Read­er
  5. Using Port­ly for Local Development


As a token of my appre­ci­a­tion, I want­ed to give away two The Stan­dard” Tonx Cof­fee Sub­scrip­tions. I’ll per­son­al­ly pay for your first month, which includes two ship­ments of great-tast­ing cof­fee. My pal Jory Raphael is also kind­ly giv­ing away two of his amaz­ing Sym­bol­i­cons icon bun­dles! The win­ners will be choosen at ran­dom on Fri­day at 1pm Cen­tral. Here’s what you have to do to win:

  1. Fol­low The Bold Report on Twit­ter.
  2. Men­tion @theboldreport, and tell me what you like about the site, and what I could pos­si­bly do better.

In clos­ing, a huge thank you to every­one who has fol­lowed, sub­scribed, and read. I sin­cere­ly appre­ci­ate all of your sup­port, and I hope you con­tin­ue to find the con­tent here, of inter­est to you.


  1. Even that, was a big­ger num­ber that I would’ve thought. Thanks IE folks! Hope you can see every­thing well! 
  2. Again, a big­ger num­ber than I thought.