Bill Nye Back with a YouTube Series on NASA’s Mission to Jupiter

Bill Nye has col­lab­o­rat­ed with NASA to launch a new eight-part web series on the agen­cy’s lat­est mis­sion to Jupiter. The sci­ence enthu­si­ast and TV host, who for years enter­tained kids with the PBS show Bill Nye the Sci­ence Guy, first teased a return to pre­sent­ing back in July… 

I’m so excit­ed to see Bill Nye host­ing a sci­ence show again. When I was in mid­dle school, we often watched his show in sci­ence class. I’ve always loved his abil­i­ty to make sci­ence fun and inter­est­ing. He clear­ly has a pas­sion for it, and it shines through.