Today’s Apple Event

Hap­py Apple Event day peeps! I had fun watch­ing this one. Here’s my unor­ga­nized list of thoughts on the event:

  • Apple has real­ly stepped up their pre­sen­ta­tion game since the begin­ning of the pan­dem­ic. I’m not sure how they go back to the old style.
  • The Home­Pod Mini has me real­ly excit­ed. It’s a fun size, has so many great fea­tures, and it’s at a real­ly good price. I can see even­tu­al­ly buy­ing a few for the house. I’m hop­ing Apple ends up pric­ing the reg­u­lar Home­Pod more along the lines of the Sonos One, but that may be wish­ful think­ing since they already had reduced the price previously.
  • The new iPhone 12 has some cool col­ors. The repur­posed MagSafe is very cool and will prob­a­bly be the thing that pushed me to wire­less charging.
  • The iPhone 12 Pro is unex­cit­ing to me. I’m not sure if it’s just things chang­ing for me, but the extra cam­era fea­tures did­n’t real­ly feel like it was a must buy. Plus, I’m on the iPhone Upgrade Pro­gram and could save more than $20 by down­grad­ing.”
  • I agree with Louie that the house used dur­ing the Home­Pod Mini por­tion kind of made me upset. Con­sid­er­ing how dif­fi­cult a time this is for so many, I would’ve loved to see a more nor­mal peo­ple” house.

And those are my thoughts! I’ll prob­a­bly be pick­ing up Home­Pod Mini and a Black iPhone 12. What about you? What’d you think?