Today’s Apple Event

Happy Apple Event day peeps! I had fun watching this one. Here’s my unorganized list of thoughts on the event:

  • Apple has really stepped up their presentation game since the beginning of the pandemic. I’m not sure how they go back to the old style.
  • The HomePod Mini has me really excited. It’s a fun size, has so many great features, and it’s at a really good price. I can see eventually buying a few for the house. I’m hoping Apple ends up pricing the regular HomePod more along the lines of the Sonos One, but that may be wishful thinking since they already had reduced the price previously.
  • The new iPhone 12 has some cool colors. The repurposed MagSafe is very cool and will probably be the thing that pushed me to wireless charging.
  • The iPhone 12 Pro is unexciting to me. I’m not sure if it’s just things changing for me, but the extra camera features didn’t really feel like it was a must buy. Plus, I’m on the iPhone Upgrade Program and could save more than $20 by “downgrading.”
  • I agree with Louie that the house used during the HomePod Mini portion kind of made me upset. Considering how difficult a time this is for so many, I would’ve loved to see a more “normal people” house.

And those are my thoughts! I’ll probably be picking up HomePod Mini and a Black iPhone 12. What about you? What’d you think?