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The Mandalorian’ Season 2 Official Trailer

There has­n’t been much to be excit­ed about this year, so I’m look­ing for­ward to sea­son two of The Man­dalo­ri­an. Lots of rumors are cir­cling about the con­tents of this sea­son, but I most­ly like to wait and see for myself. One thing is for sure, we’ll final­ly see Ahso­ka Tano in live-action, and I’m cer­tain­ly hyped. She’s eas­i­ly one of my favorite char­ac­ters in all of Star Wars, and I anx­ious­ly await to see what Rosario Daw­son does with the character.

The new sea­son of The Man­dalo­ri­an starts stream­ing on Dis­ney+ on Octo­ber 30th.