Songs I’m Jammin’ to Right Now

Music is what pow­ers my every­day. If it weren’t for music and cof­fee, I wouldn’t even be able to type this right now, much less do any­thing pro­duc­tive. Here’s a list of songs I have on repeat.

Note: There may be a mix of old and new songs. All links are for Apple Music because that’s what I use.

  1. Come Thru by Sum­mer Walk­er & Ush­er
    So cool to have Ush­er on a song that sam­ples one of his pre­vi­ous songs. Sum­mer has some great songs on this album and I thought she was hon­est and raw with her lyrics throughout.
  2. Indi­ca Badu (feat. Wiz Khal­i­fa) by Log­ic
    This song is per­fect to get stoned to. It’s got a beat you can help but nod your head to, and some amaz­ing weed ref­er­ences in the vers­es. In fact, here’s my weed playlist.
  3. Loy­al (feat. Drake) by PARTYNEXTDOOR
    This is one of those songs I didn’t think much of on first lis­ten, but then real­ly grew on me. Come and See Me” is anoth­er great song by these two.
  4. Te Quiero by Maluma
    Talk about a song title being mis­lead­ing! I’ve recent­ly become a fan of Maluma, and I love the sal­sa feel of this song.
  5. Mon­ey by Moon­child
    This song was one of the ones per­formed by Moon­child for their NPR Tiny Desk Con­cert. It’s hard for me to resist music with saxophone.
  6. Gid­get (feat. Ander­son .Paak & T.Nava) by Free Nation­als
    I can’t han­dle all the funk of this song. Ander­son .Paak is won­der­ful as usu­al. If you enjoy this song, take a lis­ten to the rest of the album.
  7. Good Thing by Zedd & Kehlani
    The beat is great and I love the empow­er­ing lyrics.
  8. Yum­my by Justin Bieber
    Dare you to try not hav­ing the hook of this song stuck in your head. Justin Bieber has got­ten so much hate over the years, but he’s so tal­ent­ed. Great song.
  9. Cin­derel­la (feat. Ty Dol­la $ign) by Mac Miller
    RIP Mac. From what I’ve read, this song is in large part about Ari­ana Grande. I’m a suck­er for a good sex and love song.
  10. My Cherie Amour (feat. Adam Levine) by Joe Pesci
    Yup. A song by Joe Pesci and Adam Levine. I didn’t even know that Joe Pesci sings. It’s real­ly good though.

Here’s the com­plete playlist on Apple Music. What songs are you jam­min’ to?