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How The Last Jedi’ Saves the Prequels

I’ve been doing a lot of think­ing about Star Wars this past week, and some­thing I’d nev­er giv­en George Lucas cred­it for was hav­ing a sense of nar­ra­tive through­out the pre­quel tril­o­gy. I mean, as bars go, that’s pret­ty low yet here we are.

I agree with Hous­ton’s argu­ment in this video: the actu­al sto­ry of the Jedi is that of fail­ure, and The Last Jedi does a fan­tas­tic job in final­ly address­ing it. In fair­ness, Dave Filoni has made a sim­i­lar com­men­tary in The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels.

After watch­ing this video, I’m see­ing the pre­quels in a whole new light.