Pull List for January 9, 2019

Every Wednes­day, all-new com­ic books hit the shelves with orig­i­nal sto­ries to be engrossed in, and new art to be fas­ci­nat­ed by. This is my week­ly write-up where I share what com­ic books I read last week, and my pull list of comics for this week.

What I read last week

  • Dead­pool #8 – Skot­tie Young deliv­ers again! The fourth wall break­ing, shots at Dis­ney, and ridicu­lous mis­sion, make for anoth­er fun­ny and smart issue. There’s a big part of this sto­ry I wasn’t famil­iar with, but I think it adds some nec­es­sary bal­ance to Deadpool’s crazi­ness. I enjoy this series, but I’ll be drop­ping it to make room for new titles.
  • Star Wars: Age of Repub­lic – Obi-Wan Keno­bi #1 – I des­per­ate­ly need more Obi-Wan, and this one-off proves how much awe­some there is to explore. I wish there were a way to undo all the bad parts of the pre­quels and keep the good parts. Sto­ries like these help get you famil­iar with Obi-Wan and the hur­dles he faced in train­ing Anakin, except parts of this issue don’t agree with the per­son he is in the movies. This ver­sion is much bet­ter. As I said with the Qui-Gon com­ic, I hope we get more Obi-Wan in what­ev­er medi­um possible.

Favorite of the weekStar Wars: Age of Repub­lic – Obi-Wan Keno­bi #1

Picking up this week

  • Bul­ly Wars #5 – The end of the first arc! I’ve enjoyed this series. Skot­tie Young is writ­ing a fun sto­ry with inter­est­ing young char­ac­ters. I think the sto­ry has a good mes­sage for peo­ple of all ages too. And that’s before you con­sid­er the gor­geous art to grace the pages of this book. Aaron Con­ley is draw­ing the most detailed art in a com­ic I’ve ever seen. There is so much to look at that I need dou­ble the time to read each issue. It seems this team will be tak­ing a bit of a break after this arc because I don’t see any upcom­ing issues yet.
  • Cap­tain Mar­vel #1 – I’m excit­ed to read this. Not only am I thrilled for the upcom­ing movie, but the incred­i­ble Kel­ly Thomp­son will be writ­ing the series. It’s sure to be a fun and humor­ous ride.
  • Friend­ly Neigh­bor­hood Spi­der-Man #1 – My rule is this: if Tom Tay­lor, Kel­ly Thomp­son, or Bri­an K. Vaugh­an is writ­ing, I buy it. But not only is Tom Tay­lor writ­ing some­thing new here; he also hap­pens to be writ­ing one of my favorite char­ac­ters of all time. I can’t wait to get my hands on this.
  • Mar­t­ian Man­hunter #2 – I’m not very famil­iar with the Mar­t­ian Man­hunter mythos, but the first issue was fun and intro­duced some inter­est­ing con­cepts. Inter­est­ing­ly enough, I thought this type of sto­ry was going to be in The Green Lantern, but its first issue left me so utter­ly con­fused that I was turned off. Thank­ful­ly, Mar­t­ian Man­hunter looks to be a fun and cap­ti­vat­ing cop mystery.
  • Obliv­ion Song #11 – I keep lov­ing this series. It’s won­der­ful­ly writ­ten, with a great main char­ac­ter and thrilling plot. It’s hands down one of the best series I’m grate­ful to have found in 2018.