Pull List for January 16, 2019

Every Wednesday, all-new comic books hit the shelves with original stories to be engrossed in, and new art to be fascinated by. This is my weekly write-up where I share what comic books I read last week, and my pull list of comics for this week.

What I read last week

  • Bully Wars #5 – Thoroughly enjoyed the end of this arc. As usual, the art and colors were beautiful. Skottie Young did a great job of wrapping up the arc, offering a feel-good ending with a valuable lesson. Interestingly enough, it almost felt like a series ending rather than an arc ending.
  • Captain Marvel #1 – What a fantastic first issue! Kelly Thompson didn’t disappoint. As a person who’s read very little Captain Marvel, I felt this first issue did a good job of introducing the character and her supporting cast. In just this first issue—beautifully drawn by Carmen Carnero and colored by Tamra Bonvillain—it’s firmly established that Carol Danvers is a badass and that she needs nobody’s help to kick some serious butt. I can’t wait to read the next issue.
  • Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #1 – I’ll be honest, even though I was beyond excited to read a Spidey title from Tom Taylor, before actually reading this I was confused as to why there was a need for another comic about Spider-Man separate from Amazing. The answer is made very clear, and I’m looking forward to reading future issues. This title seems to be focusing specifically on more ground-level issues and expanding more on where Peter lives, his roommates, and the smaller details of his life which due to Amazing‘s focus, doesn’t make sense over there. It’s great to see Juann Cabal and Tom Taylor working together again, after their fantastic work together on All-New Wolverine. Definitely adding this to my pull list.
  • Martian Manhunter #2 – I didn’t know I’d enjoy this series as much as I am. Picking up right after the events of the first issue, this one dives a little deeper into who J’onn J’onzz is and what Martian life is like. Kudos to Riley Rossmo, who’s gorgeous art style for this series flows seamlessly back and forth from Earth scenes to Mars.
  • Oblivion Song #11 – I’m a bit confused as to what happened at the end of this issue because the art wasn’t obvious to me. However, there’s still much to like in here. Robert Kirkman strikes again with fantastic dialogue, especially that of Ed’s. I’m enjoying the explanation of his motives and find them to be ones I can empathize with. De Felici’s art (as I said previously) is a bit confusing at the end, but he does an amazing job creating some never-before-seen creatures that left me in awe of his imagination. Annalisa Leoni’s colors truly bring all these creatures to life in this issue, just as she’s done in this whole series so far. Superb work.

Favorite of the week: Captain Marvel #1

Picking up this week

  • The Amazing Spider-Man #13 – I’m not enjoying this arc as much as I’ve enjoyed previous ones, but I’ll keep picking it up for now. Nick Spencer has done way more good than bad with his run so far, so I’m not about to drop this for something petty like the fact that I don’t really like J. Jonah Jameson.