Pull List for September 5, 2018

Anoth­er NCBD (new com­ic book day) is upon us! Here’s what I read last week, and what I’m pick­ing up this week! Also, you can fol­low me on League of Com­ic Geeks to see all of my sub­scrip­tions and my grow­ing collection!

What I read last week

  • X‑23 #3
    This book keeps get­tin bet­ter and bet­ter. Mariko Tama­ki real­ly under­stands Lau­ra and Gab­by, and writes them excellently.
  • Dare­dev­il Annu­al #1
    The sto­ry cen­tered more on Misty Knight, but that did­n’t both­er me at all! I enjoyed the issue.

Favorite of the week: X‑23 #3

Picking up this week

  • Dead­pool #4
    I’m not sure I like the way Young writes Dead­pool, but still giv­ing it a chance.
  • Cov­er #1
    Inter­est­ing premise, so going to give it a try.