Pull List for September 19, 2018

Another Wednesday is around the corner, and that means it’ll be New Comic Book Day! Here’s what I read last week, and what I’ll be picking up this week.

What I read last week

  • The Amazing Spider-Man #5
    This one felt rushed to me. It almost felt like too many of the loose ends of the arc were left for this one issue. But don’t get me wrong, it has some great moments too. Like the dialogue with Mary Jane, or how Spider-Man tells Peter to take a freaking chill pill. If this book’s first arc is an indication of what Nick Spencer still has in store, I’m beyond excited. Definitely keeping this on my pull list.
  • Catwoman #3
    I’m really enjoying Catwoman. Before reading Joëlle Jones’ run, I’d never read a Catwoman book before. I’ve heard some complain about the pace for this book, but I disagree. Joëlle is perfectly setting up the villain, and giving us some of her evil backstory. The different artist and colorist for the flashback was a great touch too.
  • Fantastic Four #2
    We finally get the much-awaited reunion in this issue which was great to see. But honestly, I’m just not excited about this title. I’m hoping that it’s just because we haven’t gotten to the meat of the arc yet. Once this first arc is over, I’ll reevaluate and see if it stays on my pull list.
  • X-23 #4
    The weakest issue of the run so far. There’s a whole two-page spread just to show Laura healing. Mariko Tamaki has otherwise been doing a great job with this title, but I felt the most important parts of the issue happened in just a few panels.
  • Paper Girls Vol. 2 & 3
    We did a quick weekend trip to Colorado so I had some time to sit back, relax, and enjoy two volumes of amazing Paper Girls content. Brian K. Vaughan is quickly becoming one of my favorite writers right now. He’s crafted a great story, with characters you quickly care about. His writing in volume two around meeting your older self is especially interesting, and a great vehicle for relatable and introspective moments. If you’re not reading this series, I definitely recommend it.

Favorite of the week: Paper Girls Vol. 2 & 3

Picking up this week

  • Mr. & Mrs. X #3
    I hate to say this, but I think I’ll be dropping this book after the end of the arc. I’m really enjoying Kelly Thompson’s other writing, but I’m just not connecting with these two characters.
  • Return of Wolverine #1
    I can’t not pick this up. Logan is one of my all-time favorite characters (However, Laura will always be my favorite Wolverine). I’m very interested to see what Charles Soule does with this book, who from what I’m told, is currently on fire with his Darth Vader run.
  • West Coast Avengers #2
    Kelly Thompson killed it with the first issue of this book. Holy moly. I’d never even heard of the West Coast Avengers before, but I like Kelly’s writing so I picked up the #1. I fell in love. Can’t wait to read this one.