Pull List for August 29, 2018

Happy Wednesday peeps! New comic book day is upon us, and as packed as last week was, it’s pretty light this week. Here’s what I read last week, and what I’m picking up this week.

What I picked up last week

  • West Coast Avengers #1
    This was such a fun read! I didn’t know any of these characters, but as always, it doesn’t matter when a story is written so well. Kelly Thompson did such a great job. The cast of characters is great, the story was full of humor and witty sarcasm, and the artwork was spectacular.
  • Amazing Spider-man #4
    This is probably my least favorite issue of the run so far. It wasn’t bad, just not much happened. The meat is at the end when the stakes are raised.
  • Mr. and Mrs. X #2
    Kelly Thompson killed it again with a great issue! Pretty cool action in this one, and the Deadpool dialogue was fantastic.
  • X-men Red #7
    Enjoyed this issue. Tom Taylor always writes great dialogue between the team. I really loved the ending with the two page spread.
  • Teen Titans #21
    Dropping this title. After two issues, I’m not really feeling the characters or the story. At the moment, it’s lacking well written humor.

Favorite of the week: West Coast Avengers #1

Picking up this week

  • X-23 #3
    Laura and Gabby are in great hands with Mariko Tamaki. She’s understands these characters and is writing them very well so far.
  • Batgirl #26
    New creative team on this book, so I’m going to give it a try.