Pull List for August 22, 2018

It’s Wednesday again! Here’s what I read last week, and what I’m picking up this week. Also! New category: what I’m dropping 😱

What I picked up last week

  • Batgirl: Stephanie Brown Vol. 1
    Loved this book! I really enjoyed seeing Barbara deal with her circumstances, and how that moves her to be of help to others. Stephanie is a great character, and earns wearing the suit.
  • Deadpool & Cable Annual
    This was hilarious. While some of the time jumping was a bit confusing, Deadpool’s monologue on the difference between comics and films was spectacular.
  • Teen Titans #20
    Wanted to give this a try because the book is starting a new arc with new team members. I’ll pick up the next few issues possibly, but I’m not 100 percent convinced just yet. I expected a little more humor in this book.

Picking up this week

  • Teen Titans #21
  • X-men Red #7
    The last issue came out so long ago, I think I need a refresh of what happened. Still, I love [Tom Taylor](https://twitter.com/TomTaylorMade) and the way he writes. Overall, I’m enjoying the arc and cast of characters.
  • Amazing Spider-man #4
    I’m shocked issue four is already here! I feel like I just read number three! Loving this run. Nick Spencer writes Spider-man true to what I feel the character is, and I’m excited to see what Peter Parker will do in his current predicament.
  • Mr. and Mrs. X #2
    Kelly Thompson did a great job with the first issue of this comic (and I say that without knowing much about Rogue and Gambit). Deadpool is in this issue, so we’ll see what she does with him.
  • West Coast Avengers #1
    Another Kelly Thompson book. I don’t know anything about the West Coast Avengers, but it’s a new book, and Kelly’s writing it.

Dropping this week

Whoa! New section!

  • Black Panther #3
    Dropping this book after two issues. I feel confused with what’s going on, and the tone is darker than what I wanted in this title.