Pull List for August 22, 2018

It’s Wednes­day again! Here’s what I read last week, and what I’m pick­ing up this week. Also! New cat­e­go­ry: what I’m dropping 😱

What I picked up last week

  • Bat­girl: Stephanie Brown Vol. 1
    Loved this book! I real­ly enjoyed see­ing Bar­bara deal with her cir­cum­stances, and how that moves her to be of help to oth­ers. Stephanie is a great char­ac­ter, and earns wear­ing the suit.
  • Dead­pool & Cable Annu­al
    This was hilar­i­ous. While some of the time jump­ing was a bit con­fus­ing, Dead­pool’s mono­logue on the dif­fer­ence between comics and films was spectacular.
  • Teen Titans #20
    Want­ed to give this a try because the book is start­ing a new arc with new team mem­bers. I’ll pick up the next few issues pos­si­bly, but I’m not 100 per­cent con­vinced just yet. I expect­ed a lit­tle more humor in this book.

Picking up this week

  • Teen Titans #21
  • X‑men Red #7
    The last issue came out so long ago, I think I need a refresh of what hap­pened. Still, I love [Tom Taylor]( and the way he writes. Over­all, I’m enjoy­ing the arc and cast of characters.
  • Amaz­ing Spi­der-man #4
    I’m shocked issue four is already here! I feel like I just read num­ber three! Lov­ing this run. Nick Spencer writes Spi­der-man true to what I feel the char­ac­ter is, and I’m excit­ed to see what Peter Park­er will do in his cur­rent predicament.
  • Mr. and Mrs. X #2
    Kel­ly Thomp­son did a great job with the first issue of this com­ic (and I say that with­out know­ing much about Rogue and Gam­bit). Dead­pool is in this issue, so we’ll see what she does with him.
  • West Coast Avengers #1
    Anoth­er Kel­ly Thomp­son book. I don’t know any­thing about the West Coast Avengers, but it’s a new book, and Kel­ly’s writ­ing it.

Dropping this week

Whoa! New section!

  • Black Pan­ther #3
    Drop­ping this book after two issues. I feel con­fused with what’s going on, and the tone is dark­er than what I want­ed in this title.