Pull List for August 14, 2018

Wednes­day is here again, and that means it’s new com­ic book day! I don’t have any books on my pull list com­ing out this week, but that doesn’t mean I’m not read­ing some­thing. Here’s my review on what I read last week, and what I’m read­ing this week.

What I picked up last week

  • Amaz­ing Spi­der-man #3
    Lov­ing this Spi­der-man run! It comes with the humor you expect from a Spi­der-man title, and the inter­nal emo­tion­al tur­moil that is clas­sic Peter. I’ve read some say the arc is sim­i­lar to oth­er sto­ries in the past, but since I haven’t read those, I’m enjoy­ing it.
  • Fan­tas­tic Four #1
    Great return for the FF! There are a few things that I feel you need­ed to know before read­ing (which I think shouldn’t be the case in a #1), but the end of this issue had a tear in my eye.
  • Cat­woman #1 & #2
    I was intrigued to hear @joelle_jones was not only writ­ing, but also respon­si­ble for the art inside. I’m rel­a­tive­ly new to comics, so I hadn’t seen that done before. Also, @artgerm cre­at­ed awe­some vari­ant cov­ers. I’m so glad I picked these books up! The sto­ry looks to be an inter­est­ing one, and Joëlle’s art is unique and expressive.

Reading this week

  • Bat­girl: Stephanie Brown Vol. 1
    One of my favorite AMSR videos talks exten­sive­ly about the Stephanie Brown run of Bat­girl. She talks so well of the run, I final­ly had to pick it up! I’m about a quar­ter way in, and very much enjoy­ing the story!