Pull List for August 1, 2018

Try­outs this week! Only the best comics will sur­vive the chop­ping block! Here’s what I actu­al­ly end­ed up pick­ing up last week, and what I’m plan­ning on get­ting this week.

What I picked up last week

  • X‑23 #2
  • Amaz­ing Spi­der-man #2
  • Mr. & Mrs. X #1 — Decid­ed to give this a try because I heard lots of buzz around the book. I end­ed up real­ly lik­ing it. Kel­ly Thomp­son did a great job with this first issue (those hon­ey­moon pan­els were steamy), and the end­ing left me very curi­ous of what’ll hap­pen next.

Picking up this week

  • Cap­tain Amer­i­ca #2 — Lots of buzz around this book, and I love Ta-Nehisi Coates. Let’s see what he’s doing with Cap.
  • Immor­tal Hulk #4 — Again, lots of buzz around this book, so I’m giv­ing a try. Hulk is one of my favorite characters.
  • Teen Titans #20 — This book came out last week, and while I’ve nev­er real­ly been into Teen Titans, the team of char­ac­ters looks fun.