Updating My RSS Setup

Back in June, I wrote a post on my RSS con­sump­tion set­up. The set­up has changed a lit­tle, so I want­ed to write an updat­ed ver­sion that I can point peo­ple to.

When I wrote the first post, there were a cou­ple of apps and ser­vices that I was using. In case you don’t want to go read the pre­vi­ous post, the gist was that I was using Feed Wran­gler to pow­er the back­end, Mr. Read­er on the iPad, and Read­Kit on the Mac.

Since this post, the back­end has­n’t changed at all. I’m very hap­py with Feed Wran­gler. David Smith has done a great job with it. He’s con­stant­ly work­ing on it to make it bet­ter, and I believe only one out­age in the six months of use. That’s pret­ty darn good.

Plus, the Smart Streams and Fil­ters are great. I have all of my con­tent fil­tered very well into sep­a­rate fold­ers, and as you’d assume, they sync across all the devices I use. I’m more than hap­py to pay $19/year for this.

What Has Changed

I’m no longer using Mr. Read­er or Read­Kit. Mr. Read­er became frus­trat­ing with time. I did­n’t like a lot of the ges­tures, the sounds are a bit jar­ring, and the inter­face did­n’t appeal to me. Thank­ful­ly, the icon was updat­ed to some­thing less creepy, but I decid­ed to go anoth­er way.

I’m now using Reed­er 2. After mov­ing away from it because updates weren’t ready for when Google Read­er shut down, I’ve come back.

The new iPad app is gor­geous, using the native swipe ges­tures won­der­ful­ly, and ele­gant­ly. It’s one of my favorite apps on iOS, as the inter­face clear­ly fol­lows the new guide­lines, yet clear­ly exerts its own opin­ion on cer­tain inter­face ele­ments. The social and read lat­er inte­gra­tion is great too.

I’ve also ditched Read­Kit on the mac. I’ve said this pre­vi­ous­ly, although I can’t remem­ber where, that I don’t do much read­ing on my Mac. If I real­ly want to read some­thing, I usu­al­ly save it in Pock­et and then read on my iPad. Still, I decid­ed to get Read­Kit to man­age RSS on the occa­sion that I need­ed it.

For me, it’s been a bit of a dis­ap­point­ment. It runs quite slow, and is bug­gy. How­ev­er, I’ve heard a lot of peo­ple swear by it, so take my opin­ion with a grain of salt.

That’s the new set­up in a nut­shell. If you’re bare­ly start­ing with RSS, or get­ting back into it, I hope this helps.