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  • Today was my last day of work for the year. I’m so excited to have two whole weeks to rest, recharge, and spend time with people I care about.

  • This past weekend was certainly one for the books. It was a weekend full of kind, supportive, and like-minded people. I could be 100 percent myself and accepted fully nonetheless. I also seemed to unlock the next level of the game called life, since I introduced myself to so many people and made quite a…

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    Kelly and I put up our first ever Christmas tree tonight 🎄 I’m so excited 😍😍

  • I sent the following message to some of my mother’s family and select old friends: Howdy y’all. Just wanted to let you know from the horse’s mouth that I’ve decided to [no] longer be a Jehovah’s Witness. I encourage you to do some objective research into your beliefs. I was certainly surprised by what I…

  • Next Saturday I’ll be streaming on Twitch from 10am to noon Pacific. I’ll be working on a few of my side projects. There’ll be weed, coffee, and good vibes. Hope you can make it!

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    Something I’ve struggled with a lot since leaving the cult, is finding new friends. I didn’t know that my friends and community were conditional, but such is life. No one seems to talk about how difficult it can be to find friends as an adult. Especially as a cult survivor where my friends and community…

  • I’ll have more to say soon, but I’m starting my own little indie shop called Friendly Alien. I wanted to make soft, comfy, and size-inclusive clothing and other accessories for my favorite people: geeks, stoners, and queers. And would you look at that? I happen to be all three 😉

  • I heard a quote yesterday that kind of blew my mind and still has me pondering it’s significance in my own life. The proper function of man is to live, not to exist. I shall not waste my days in trying to prolong them. I shall use my time. Jack London

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    I haven’t been feeling super confident recently. But then I have moments where I see and know how beautiful and lovable I am, just for being me. Happy Sunday.

  • I’m currently sipping my coffee next to the open window in the living room. It’s a crisp morning and it’s been raining for hours. Jazz is playing in the background as if to score this moment to perfection. I’ve been feeling sad recently. But right now I’m happy. And everything is going to be ok.

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    Today is Bi Visibility Day; the first since I came out earlier this year. The announcement didn’t go well with close family, but that wasn’t a surprise 🙄 Unfortunately, that’s not a unique experience. Bisexual people are constantly marginalized and erased. Many think bisexuality is “just a phase,” a precursor to being gay or lesbian,…

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    I’ve been experimenting with makeup recently, and I finally did a look I liked.

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    More from Disneyland. Boy am I going to get my money’s worth from my new pass.

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    Had such an amazing time at Disneyland and California Adventure with Kelly. We got the new passes so, this is only one of the many times I’m sure we’ll go this year.

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    Pool days are the perfect end to the summer 😎 ☀️

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    Had an amazing few days in Seattle with Makayla. The views, the food, and the company was fantastic.

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    Loving my new meat suit modifications 🤣

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    My new tattoo! Thanks so much Aiko!

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    Here we are at the end of Pride Month, and I didn’t get into half of the gay shit I wanted to. But that’s ok, I still got my bi/pan rebel alliance tattoo. And you better believe I’m pushing the alphabet mafia agenda with this hot-ass photo. To my fellow queers: It’s ok if you…

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    Got me some new earrings 🌈