My won­der­ful friend Celes­tial just launched their Ko-fi! I’m so hap­py to be a month­ly member.  
Fin­ished this up tonight. I’m hav­ing way too much fun with my new Apple Pencil. 
I have no idea why, but I nev­er bought an Apple Pen­cil think­ing I would­n’t use it much. I final­ly did and doo­dled all of… 
My amaz­ingly tal­ented friend Celes­tial just start­ed her own Twitch chan­nel! If you love good vibes and geeky art, go fol­low her! 
The won­der­ful Celes­tial did an amaz­ing por­trait of Kel­ly, Obi, and I. Celes­tial is so freak­ing tal­ented y’all, con­sider sup­port­ing her art and get­ting your own commission!