I saw this on Face­book and had to share. In the past year of ther­a­py, I’ve come to real­ize how hor­ri­ble and fucked it is for par­ents to be your first abuser. Both of my par­ents hit me (although my moth­er want­ed to be less involved in this type of abuse). I got whipped with the belt too many times to count through­out my life.

I used to be in the I got hit and turned out fine” group of peo­ple. No hon­ey, you didn’t turn out fine if you think it’s ok to beat chil­dren. Full stop. For many years I just thought it was nor­mal. That par­ents that actu­al­ly care about their kids hit them.

But now I know I didn’t deserve that. And nei­ther does any­one else.