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Some­thing I’ve strug­gled with a lot since leav­ing the cult, is find­ing new friends. I didn’t know that my friends and com­mu­ni­ty were con­di­tion­al, but such is life. No one seems to talk about how dif­fi­cult it can be to find friends as an adult. Espe­cial­ly as a cult sur­vivor where my friends and com­mu­ni­ty were forced upon me.

With that in mind, I decid­ed to cre­ate a dis­cord serv­er to help me build my own com­mu­ni­ty of sex-pos­i­tive and inclu­sive peo­ple. I’m not sure what this com­mu­ni­ty will turn out to be. But if there’s one thing I know about myself, it’s my abil­i­ty to bring peo­ple togeth­er. If you’re a geek, ston­er, or queer like me, let’s be friends!