Kiana Ledé Understands the Messy Pleasure of Liking “Ur Best Friend”

Ledé is no stranger to exploring juicy yet convoluted relationship dynamics in her youthful R&B. In 2018, the Los Angeles-based singer and actor broke out with her first hit, “Ex,” a song about getting back together with a past lover that showcased Ledé’s powerful, sultry vocal runs. Last year, she released her debut self-titled studio album, Kiki, a coming-of-age project about romantic entanglements and sexual liberation, which solidified her status as a contemporary R&B star. Now, with “Ur Best Friend,” Ledé writes about having a queer love interest for the first time, weaving a complex tale that shows queer relationships can also be nuanced and messy.

Kiana Ledé and Kehlani are two of my favorite singers. Not only are they incredibly talented vocally, but I love to see more queer stories in music. I was excited when I first listened to the song because of the collaboration, but this music video just takes it to a whole other level. The sexual tension and chemistry between them is seductive and provocative. And that neck grab at the end?! 🥵😍