My Sim­ple Advice to Aspir­ing Tech Commentators

This is real­ly niche, I know, but if you are lurk­ing on tech Twit­ter and want to start grow­ing an audi­ence via social media, writ­ing, or video, I have one piece of advice I’d give to every­one: make your con­tent addi­tive, not negative.

I don’t mean to say every­thing you cre­ate needs to be hap­py-go-lucky, but you should try to have your con­tent add to the over­all con­ver­sa­tion. You should be try­ing to make con­tent that gives peo­ple value […]

Such a good reminder! I’m no tech com­men­ta­tor, but shar­ing my opin­ion on things is some­what of a favorite pas­time for me 😜 My per­son­al rule is to talk more about things I love, and talk less about things I don’t.