Does God Really Hate Queers?

Here’s a fascinating, heartwarming, and heartbreaking video about being queer and whether it’s also possible to have a faith.

Interestingly, my former religion makes an appearance just to show the world how horrible it is. Jehovah’s Witnesses are not accepting of LGBTQ people. Joshua, a gay man that is featured in the video, explains how he was disfellowshipped (or excommunicated) and subsequently completely shunned by his family. The story of the muslim woman is just as disturbing as she tries to find a marriage of convenience so that her family doesn’t disown her.

It’s stories like these that push me towards agnosticism and atheism. How could a loving god expect you to shun someone because of who they love? Why would a loving god punish someone for something so deeply personal and intrinsic to who they are, such as their sexuality?

So does god really hate people who are LGBTQ? I have no interest in a god that does.





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