It Wasn’t 2020, It Was The Ruling Class Trying to Kill You

What needed to happen here in the US was the immediate implementation of a system of national healthcare, a campaign to guarantee widely accessible and free testing, and the deployment of a trained army of contact tracers tracking infections and helping people into paid, catered quarantines. There should have educational campaigns – not just television ads and official announcements but brigades of doctors, nurses, and medical students going door to door nation-wide, explaining the basics of the situation in language the people could understand just as Cuba was able to do. There should have been rent and bill freezes, massive free food distributions, and recurring monthly survival payments. There should have been a comprehensive long term plan to control the spread and make sure that people could stay home and social distance without bringing down economic and emotional devastation upon themselves and their loved ones. That is, of course, not what happened.

Basically every other country has the pandemic under control. We’ve had a whole year of our lives stolen, and yet there’s no end in sight. Will Democrats pass the bold type of legislation needed to get out of the hellhole we’re in? I’m not particularly hopeful. It’s more important than ever to organize and participate in direct action.





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  1. Tim Smith Avatar

    You’re totally right. I just see countries like New Zealand, China, Japan, and others and I don’t understand why we’re doing such a horrible job. But you are right. Thank you.

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  3. Justin Jackson Avatar

    I agree with a lot of what you’re saying here. ✌️

    One nit: “Basically every other country has the pandemic under control.”

    That’s not true. This second wave is hammering tons of countries (including Canada!)…