Jimmy Dore: ‘Nobody Who Voted for the Iraq War Should Become the President’

While all the results aren’t in, it looks likely that Joe Biden will win the Presidency. This is a man who promised to veto Medicare for All during a pandemic, wants to give more money to police after summer-long protests against police brutality, and won’t commit to banning fracking as we’re facing the impending doom of our species because of the climate crisis.

As Jimmy talks about in the video, the left needs to grow its power. I believe it no longer makes sense to work within the Democratic party, but I’m not yet sure what that looks like. One thing is for sure: we need leaders that will fight for universal healthcare, fight for our beautiful planet, fight to defund (and eventually abolish) policing as we know it, and put an end to the endless wars.

There’s much work to be done.