Jabra Move Wireless Headphones

Audio is important to me. If I’m going somewhere, working, cleaning, taking a shower, or just needing to relax, you’ll likely find me listening to something. Sometimes it’s music with a great beat, and other times it’s a riveting podcast.

A while back, I was commuting on the train to a co-working space, and needed a good pair of wireless headphones. They needed to take some sweat from the walk, have great battery life, and handle being thrown into my backpack.

I decided to purchase the Jabra Move Wireless headphones. If you’re in the market for a great pair of wireless headphones, these may be the ones for you.


  • Quality — You definitely want something well built, but when considering wireless headphones, the first question for many is how they sound.
  • Fit — Headphones need to fit comfortably, especially if you plan to wear them for extended periods of time.
  • Setup — The setup of wireless headphones has improved over the past few years, but it’s still an important consideration. Getting them from out of the box to playing audio shouldn’t take forever.
  • Price — Cost comes hand-in-hand with quality. You want high-quality headphones that don’t break the bank. (Well, maybe. Sometimes you do want to break the bank with cool tech stuff!)


Build Quality

The headphones are very well-built. The band combines a stainless steel frame with a soft material that cushions the top. The ear cups are plastic on the outside and soft pleather on the inside.

The stainless steel frame and the soft fabric of the headband, make for an aesthetically-pleasing look in addition to a quality build you can feel.

The Jabra Move Wireless headphones feel light but not cheap or easily breakable. They could definitely handle being thrown into your backpack or bag, and they can equally handle being dropped with minor (if any) evidence.

I haven’t tried showering while wearing the headphones, but they’ve withstood plenty of my sweat, and everything still works great. They’re easy to clean, but don’t look gross if you put it off for a while. The headphones have “move” in the name, so they’re designed for you to do just that.

Sound Quality

Bluetooth audio sucks. It just does. There is no comparison to wired audio. Bluetooth audio performed noticeably worse than wired audio when tested side-by-side. Which I should note is of no surprise. However, in many cases it’s not the headphone-makers fault. Wireless audio technology is not where it should be.

Still, Bluetooth audio is not created equal. Some headphones I’ve tested don’t sound good at all, even when not compared to a wired connection. Not the case with the Jabra Move Wireless headphones. The audio they produce is full and rich, and they handle a variety of musical styles excellently. Additionally, the headphones manage podcasts and talk radio very well.

Labeled ear cups help you make sure you have the headphones on right.

I never felt like I was missing sounds I could’ve heard on other headphones. For me, it comes down to the fact that all Bluetooth audio is compressed — some headphones do a better job of hiding that fact.


I was nervous buying over-ear headphones. In the past I had bought a pair of Beats Solo headphones and was unhappy. Leaving the poor sound to the side for a moment, the fit was uncomfortable and my ears hurt after using them for short periods of time. I have big ears, so I’d sworn to never purchase a pair of over-ear headphones again.

These headphones changed my mind. Yes, they are over-ear headphones, but they’re comfortable. The ear cups are comfy and soft, and the headband is flexible enough to accommodate my large head. When I first got them, I tested the headphones for two hours straight and didn’t feel any ear pain or discomfort on the top of my head.

Jabra’s minimal branding helps these look great wherever you have them.

That being said, I do wish Jabra offered an around-ear option. Headphones like the Bose QC35 or the Sony MDR-1000X still beat these headphones in the comfort department because they don’t apply any pressure to the ears.


Here’s yet another area where Bluetooth fails. Pairing them with a device isn’t simple, and if you want to switch between devices, forget it! However, this isn’t a flaw of the headphones, it’s a flaw of the wireless technology being used.

Apple made a huge leap in this area when they came out with the W1 chip. This chip can be found in Apple-made headphones like the AirPods or Beats. If you own a pair of these, you’ll know how magical this chip makes the whole wireless experience. Pairing is a breeze, and switching between devices on your iCloud account is incredibly easy. Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t license this chip, and while I love my pair of AirPods, there’s no way I’m forking money over for the overrated and overpriced Beats.

The Jabra Move Wireless headphones unfortunately have the standard Bluetooth setup process. Nothing too terrible, yet nothing delightful either. If you, or the person you’re buying these for, is not somewhat tech savvy, you’ll need to follow the quick-start guide.

Final Thoughts

As of this writing, the Jabra Move Wireless headphones are $69.99 on Amazon. You could spend more money, and get a lesser quality product. Essentially, this is a great price.

I’m very happy with my purchase. As I described, I do have some complaints here and there, but overall they’re a great product at a great price. If you’re in the market for a low-cost pair of wireless headphones, don’t overlook these.